Printable Tattoo Designs

Printable Tattoo Designs
Printable Tattoo Designs

Friday, April 9, 2010

Printable Tattoo Designs - New Lettering Tattoo Designs

Lettering Tattoo DesignsLettering Tattoo Designs
Here's a new set of Tattoo Letters, Numbers and Symbols I just designed. Click the image or the links to purchase the set and to check out other Tattoo Designs I have to offer. Thanks!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Printable Tattoo Designs

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Printable Tattoo Designs

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5 Tips to Hot and Sexy Tattoo Design for Girls

Hot girls could really turn heads everywhere they go but girls with hot and sexy tattoo designs could really make men drool. Tattoos are some of the most noticeable images or ‘permanent’ accessories that anyone could place on their bodies and seeing such masterpieces on women could really redefine what is meant to be cool - particularly if they’re hot and sexy. The following discusses five of the hottest and sexiest design variations for tattoos that would really look great on any girl. A Fairy at My Ankle Hot and sexy tattoo designs can be placed anywhere on a girl’s body and would still come out as striking as any other tattoo designs, even if it is located on or near the ankle. Such sexy designs can be very flirty and can even be enticing to look at. However, the image you should choose should make you more appealing and exotic instead of choosing something ‘cute’ or ‘safe’. One of the best images that a girl can choose would be the sleek and sexy fairy designs that would conform to the curves and contours on her ankle area. An Angel at My Back A sleek and sexy angel sporting mighty eternal wings placed at any girl’s back can really be a great hot and sexy tattoo design sample as anything else. Forego the cute and charming cherubs and baby-like angel images and choose a more exotic, bold-looking and utterly sexy angel design. You can even be more exotic and bolder and choose a ‘dark angel’ theme for your design and create a sexier effect. Dragons: Sexy and Dangerous Bold and daring girls would not want plain and simple tattoo designs on their bodies but would rather choose something sexy and dangerous. And what can elicit a sense of danger and at the same time something exotic and sexy better than a dragon. Having a dragon design at the lower portion of a girl’s back or even at the shoulders can elicit both a sense of power and sleek beauty that only a dragon can bring. Tigers: Bold and Different The same effect that dragons can bring as sexy and dangerous-looking designs, tigers too can be hot and sexy tattoo designs for girls particularly if placed at the back for everyone to see. The design should not take a large portion of the back though and can be placed anywhere between the shoulders and the hips. It would be great to leave some area of skin untouched for that sexier and sleeker effect. Say It in another Language For some people, an image that is beautiful to look at but something people may not completely understand would be a great sexy design samples. Words like ‘beautiful’ or even ‘sexy’ written in Chinese, Japanese or any other exotic languages and script can really have a sexy effect if tattooed on the back, arms or legs. Bold and beautiful, sleek and sexy - these are traits that some women would like their image to project. They can do this with jewelry and clothing but nothing can create a more powerful effect than having a hot and sexy tattoo design on their bodies. If you are looking for unique, hot and sexy tattoo design I recommend you have a look at Tattoo Johnny's Tattoo Designs!